Monday, February 21, 2011

What Can I do Now?

This week Darren Kuropatwa came into to our class and gave an excellent presentation. I do wish that all teachers would use the three principles of learning because I think that it is one of the best methods I have seen through out this program. I also think that all teachers need to be on the same page when it comes to how students learn. 

Having the students do some of the work is also of great interest to me, its not that I am lazy, it is just that students can learn far more from each other than they could with me. I would also work with my students, as a team. My classroom would not be a strictly student centered class room, but students will be able to provide input.

Two things that I keep hearing from our presenters: (1) blocking sites and (2) cell phones and/or "iPods" in the classroom. I think that these two points are major resistors for the technology movement into the classrooms. What are some of your thoughts?


  1. Part of the challenge that comes with effectively using technology in your teaching is dealing with filters and restrictions on accessibility to tools.

    One way to overcome that is to develop rich learning experiences that leverage the affordances of the internet and the technologies in our students pockets. And I guess, that's the real heavy lifting: designing models that effectively allow kids to show what they know so you and your school administrator can point to it and say: "Do we really want to shut the door on stuff like «this»?"

  2. Totally agree that we were once again fortunate to have an excellent presenter and presentation in class!

    Darren's comment about as a teacher needing to evaluate who is working hardest in the class is extremely valid. It is something to keep in mind as we plan our lessons for our students-how can we design the lesson to increase student involvement and interaction in the lesson so that we can increase student learning.

    As far as the blocking sites and hand-held devices in the classroom, I think that new teachers will be responsible for demonstrating to the staff and administrators in their school, the specific learning opportunities that not blocking websites and incorporating hand-held devices are available that will help increase student learning and level of engagement with the content.

  3. I really like the touch on blocking sites cell phones and ipod in the classrooms. I realy really wish all schools would stop blocking useful sites/applications, its really annoying when you know there is useful resources out there, but your division wont allow them to be used. iPods in the classroom, exspecially iPod touches are so useful, Apple appstore is a thing of magic, useful apps for education. why not!!!