Tuesday, February 15, 2011


After recently watching the video that Dean Shareski made it got me thinking would I be willing to share my own resources that I created. This is not a simple question for me to answer. Considering how much time and effort I put into those resources; is it worth me sharing to other people how did not put in an equal amount of time and effort. Maybe I am just not use to doing that sort of thing yet. I do not fell the need to charge people money for my resources, it just does not seem right to me.

One particular thing that bothers me is when teachers are too lazy to make things for them selves. I have seen teacher surf the internet hoping they can find a resource that they can use, all because they do not have the time, desirer, and/or motivation to do so.

Dead does make a good point, your resources should benefit all students; If my resources are able to benefit students else where, then I did a good job, which could be "payment" enough.

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  1. I think if you are able to share some of your own resources with others, the payoff will be tenfold. There are many people out there that will be very thankful for your contributions and the more you put your name out there, the better I think.

    I must admit I have searched the internet for resources, but why not? Obviously if I can prepare a lesson on my own without help, I will. But why wouldn't I use the resources out there? I'm not a expert in every area... Hell I'm not even an expert in one area.