Sunday, January 30, 2011

The ICT World and Education

I really like the idea of using some of Dr. Gatin's suggestions in the classroom. Wikis, blogs, and Moodle are some of my favorites. Students can post new ideas, questions they have, question each other, and ask for help. How many times do you all remember struggling in school asking "I wish someone could help me with this?" These sorts of things could help prevent this from occurring.    

Doing some online activities could also be beneficial for students (ie homework, quizzes/tests, movies, etc.). One area of concern would be ensuring if all students have access to a computers after school hours. 

One thing that I am not too on is the virtual world thing; I just do not care for that sort of thing. I will explore it some more. I am not a person who enjoys that style, even with video games; I hate the interacting/role playing games. What were some of your thoughts about Second Life??

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Social Media

I have not seen too many teachers use social media around this area, none of my CTs did during my placements. I thought that John gave a good talk, he a really good reasons on why to use social media in the classroom. I see potential for it in my classes. The only issue I would have with it is putting in time to make it useful, I have seen many blogs that have just stopped with the last post being in 2009. I did find a directory for all science and math Edublogs:
It does have some useful things.

 What are your thoughts of using social media in your classes?

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I though that this talk provided some useful information. I have used WBC's for resources in the past for some of my classes. Howard gave a good summary on how to use and request certain courses. What I would like to know if any one else has used them, What did you think of the courses? What were some pros and cons?
I thought that John's talk was really interesting and informative, I did not know that teachers communicated in that way.  I think communication and sharing between teachers is very important. I was also interesting to see that teachers can use social networking sites in a positive way. Do you think that all school will jump on board for this sort of thing?