Saturday, January 15, 2011

I thought that John's talk was really interesting and informative, I did not know that teachers communicated in that way.  I think communication and sharing between teachers is very important. I was also interesting to see that teachers can use social networking sites in a positive way. Do you think that all school will jump on board for this sort of thing? 


  1. I think this sort of thing is very tough, simply because most school divisions have all of these sites blocked.
    I did just read an article this weekend that Pembina Trails School Division is using Twitter and Facebook to communicate the happenings of the division...and they have it set up so that students and teachers can access twitter and facebook at school...but they can only see the divisions facebook page, they can't sign into their own....

  2. I believe that School Divisions have to change their policy regarding use of social networking sites in education. When I was in my last semester placement, I attended the staff meeting in which IT consultant from Brandon School Division was talking about access of YouTube videos to teachers. After that they might think of other networking sites accessible to teachers as well as students.