Saturday, January 15, 2011


I though that this talk provided some useful information. I have used WBC's for resources in the past for some of my classes. Howard gave a good summary on how to use and request certain courses. What I would like to know if any one else has used them, What did you think of the courses? What were some pros and cons?


  1. I haven't ever used them, but I have done a class the old correspondence course way, and it was fairly painful. No real help at all. Just me and a big binder. I would think that WBCs would be a lot more personalized because it is so much easier to have contact with an instructor online. Also, because the courses are online that allows them to be so much more interactive. I would think if these courses could be tailored to a students specific needs they could exceed even classroom learning for those students that don't easily find success in that setting.

  2. I have done classes correspondence and in university with programs such as WebCT (Blackboard), and Angel.
    Like i mentioned in class, correspondence is not for everyone, if you're like me, it's easy to procrastinate and leave all the assignments until the night before they are due, you don't really have the connection with a prof. Sure there is a prof who you can contact, but you've never actually met them, so it's kind of weird to call them up and ask for help.
    That's why I do like when courses use programs like Blackboard or still to go to class, but a lot of the work is posted there so you can work at your own pace, they also have message boards where you can connect with all the students in the class which can be a very resourceful tool.

    I personally believe the best method is a Blended approach, where there is a portion of study that is independent but you also have a portion where you do get that face to face contact with a teacher or tutor, someone that will keep you accountable and help you stay on task.