Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Online Course

I looked at the online course Applied Math 30S as I will be teaching it latter this mouth and have no idea for what I am in stored for.

The first thing I notice is the organization, it is very well done. The units are easy to find and each unit contains vast amounts of information. The unit I am teaching is Data management and Analysis, so I had a look. It provided me with information that is easy to follow and understand. It even offers me with questions and solutions, as well as some worksheets for the students. Doing a quick glance all of the other units offer the same sort of thing, which is great.  

Another interesting thing this online course has is software. You can use this software to solve questions that are presented within the units. You do have to download them, so I am not sure if
the school will let you.

Overall this is a really great course/resource, it can provide a teacher who knows very little about applied math some comfort. I do plan to use this course during my placement.


  1. Hey Sharpe, great to hear you will be teaching some math! Applied is fun! I find you get to do more hands on stuff in applied!

  2. I'm glad that your experiences with the online courses were good! I like the idea of including software with the math courses to help students (or teachers) solve problems - that is a great resource and could be very helpful. It sounds like the math online courses are really useful and well-put-together.